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Gregory Michael MacGregor

After more than four decades of representing insurers in litigation over coverage and property and casualty claims, I am taking my trial talents over to the representation of injured plaintiffs.

Gregory Michael MacGregor
Gregory Michael MacGregor

My past clients, opposing counsel and judges all over the state and outside of California have long told me that my trial skills would translate perfectly to the representation of individuals and companies who have been injured, physically, emotionally and financially, by companies with greater power. I have always enjoyed the challenge of tackling cases of great complexity, especially where the stakes are high and the caliber of the opposition formidable.

I have tried over fifty jury cases with but a single adverse verdict that became a judgment, and that one was reversed by the Second District Court of Appeal, which entered judgment in favor of my insurance company client without the need for remand to the trial court. That case established a new beachhead in bad faith law and has been cited favorably scores of times by subsequent courts in California and elsewhere.

I am looking forward to applying my skills in trying cases where the first thing I must do is not to persuade the jury that my client is not a villain. I have spoken to dozens of juries over the years after securing their verdict who have invariably reported that, although I was ultimately able to persuade them of the rightness of my client’s position, the real hurdle I had was to get them past their long-held belief that my client had collected money from its own customers only to turn its back on them when trouble arose.

In society today, it is fashionable to portray oneself as a victim; I am ready to help those who truly are legitimate victims to achieve justice in the arena in which I have operated my whole professional life.

At MacGregor Trial Attorneys, P.C., I will be joined by a small collection of elite trial lawyers with decades of first chair trial experience in a vast range of practice areas.